Flat Screen Wall Mount

flat-screen-wall-mountThere’s nothing like maximizing any given room’s floor space by using a flat screen wall mount to display your entertainment investment. This is not to say the process of choosing, purchasing and installing the wall mount is exciting (it’s actually relatively boring and tedious) but…once you’re done, you will be able to sit back and enjoy your new entertainment center.

Choosing a wall mount may seem relatively easy, there are quite a few things you’ll need to consider (which are listed in the following paragraphs) and it will require a little bit of research and minor purchases.

Wall Components

What kind of wall will you be mounting your flat screen? Do you have wooden stud walls, metal beams or a concrete wall? You don’t want to buy a mount designed for one kind of wall material when you have another as the device may become unstable and cause the flat screen to literally drop like a bug hitting a bug zapper. The good thing is, there are mounts made for all wall materials! If you have wooden stud walls, you will need to use a stud-finder to accurately detail where you will affix the mount.

If you have metal stud walls, you should not mount your television to the wall as the weight will be too much to support.

Also, not all brackets are mountable on concrete. You should check the product to see if alternative parts are available. You may need to contact the manufacturer for necessary parts.

Mount Motions

How do you want your flat screen to be displayed? Do you want it to be displayed flat up against the wall or be able to tilt from side to side? Are you interested in going the extra mile and purchase a tilt & swivel mount or get a full motion mount? There is a flat screen wall mount for almost every desired range of motion, it’s only a matter of space and how much money you want to spend on the mount.

Cable Management

Once you figure out which mount is the best solution for your entertainment system, it’s time to think about cable management. Do you want the power cables, service cables, and any possible gaming component cables to be inside the wall or behind a wall pallet? Perhaps the most common solution for cable management is having a wall pallet to hide the cables behind, while allowing semi-easy access to the system. Generally wall mounts come with basic cable management solutions, however, your best bet would be to consult a home improvement store or an electronic installation company (maybe even visit your nearest Best Buy).

The pages through out this blog will give information on several types of wall mounts, and additional accessories for your flat screen wall mount purchasing adventure. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy and use the content provided.