Measuring For TV Placement

This process is relatively easy, however you need take extra effort to be precise in your measurements to ensure your flat screen wall mount will be level. Here is a step-by-step guide to effectively choosing the placement for your flat screen.

First, take the wall section of the mount and connect it to the part of the mount already on your flat screen television. If the television section of your mount is not already affixed to the flat screen, please Go back to Step 1.

Now it’s time to make your first measurement. We are going to call the flap of metal which will be connected to the wall, “The Bracket.” Measure the distance from the bottom of the bracket to the bottom of your flat screen (For this walk-through, we are going to say that distance is 9″). When you hold the television against the wall in the position you want it to be mounted, make a pencil mark where the bottom of the flat screen is positioned. From that mark, measure the distance from the bottom of the screen to the bracket – in this case, 9 inches – and make another mark. You might as well erase the first mark you made (the one where the bottom of the screen will sit) to avoid making any mistakes when drilling…