Positioning Wall Mount

Location, Height, Angle

It is important to place the flat screen wall mount at the right height and angle at the location in front of your main seating. The middle of the TV should ideally be positioned around eye-height in the seated position. If you want to feature your flat screen above a fireplace or mantle, it will obviously be a little higher than described, however this wont really take away from the viewing experience.

Screen glare can be reduce and completely minimized by either shutting blinds, not having any bring lights or light sources from windows, the next room, etc, having an LCD instead of Plasma, or simply purchasing a wall mount which will allow the screen to be angled away from reflecting too much light.

If you’d rather stay away from gashing holes in your wall and praying the final assembly will turn our how you pictured it, you’re in luck! Cable management raceways are the preferred method to hiding cables on the outside of your walls. They offer a clean cut and neat solution to cable management. They can be purchased in different colors and some even allow you to paint them however you like.