Types of Wall Mounts

After you figure out where you want your wall mount to be located and have determined what kind of wall it will be mounted on, it’s time to decide which type of flat screen wall mount is right for you. There are 5 basic types of wall mounts (which are detailed below) which can be found at most electronic and home improvement stores. I would suggest calling a particular store to find out if they have the item in-stock or even if they sell them in store. Whichever mounts sell the best in your area will be found in the store, the rest will probably be available online.

The following paragraphs are in order from least functionality to most. Reliability is solely determined by brand, not by that particular type and I would suggest doing a little research on customer feedback from any given mount before making a purchase.

Fixed Wall Mounts

Fixed Wall MountThese provide the least amount of functionality…in fact, they only serve to hold the flat screen on the wall. You can’t move, tilt, or position the screen once the mount is installed. Even though this sounds like a terrible solution, sometimes it can be the perfect type of mount for your situation. If your room space is limited, or you simply want your television to mount flush against a wall, the fixed mount is perfect! These usually sell very well because of their extremely low cost and they are an easy upgrade when purchasing a television in-store.

Tilting Wall Mounts

Tilt Wall MountWith a slightly increased functionality, tilting wall mounts allow the flat screen to be moved slightly up or down. You may be asking what the heck this could possibly be used for? Glare-Reduction is one of it’s only practical applications. If the room you want to put the flat screen has any windows, it’s best to check for glare. Does any light from your windows shine directly where the television will be featured? If the glare isn’t too bad, the tilting wall mount might just do the trick, however, it would also be suggested to purchase curtains.

Swivel Wall Mounts

Swivel Wall MountThese are the complete opposite of the tilting wall mounts. *Instead of moving up and down, swivel wall mounts allow moving your flat screen left and right. These are handy if you want the flat screen to be viewable from multiple angles in a room. These are also ideal for very large living rooms, bonus rooms, etc. Like previously said, these mounts do not allow for vertical movement.

*Some swivel mounts also include a slight tilt functionality – although the tilt angle will be greatly reduced due to the flat screen’s proximity to the wall.

Articulating Wall Mounts

Articulating Wall MountArticulating wall mounts provide upwards, downwards while allowing pivoting to the left and right. The nice thing about these mounts is providing a very large number of viewing angles and being able to nearly eliminate all glare just by slightly adjusting the flat screen. The main down side is the necessary space needed to use this kind of mount. This mount will position the flat screen far from the wall and will require much more space than any of the other mounts to fully use effectively.

Full Motion Wall Mounts

Full Motion Wall MountJust like the title says, this mount offers a 360° range of motion (Of course, this is dependent on the location of the television). This mount is ideal for positioning your flat screen to be viewable in more than one room, or if you have a room with the flat screen positioned on a post in the middle. These mounts will provide the most functionality for generally the highest cost so it’s best to decide if you’ll actually be able to utilize it’s features.